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Sourdough Tips on storing your fresh bread


The Natural acidity found in sourdough helps keep the bacteria away and takes longer than yeasted bread to grow mould.


Simply wrap in a tea towel or slice and wrap in a freezer bag/greaseproof/foil/ beeswax/vegan wraps and freeze then take out slices when needed.

Seven days of bread - Fresh just out of the oven with or without butter! Sandwiches, toast, bruschetta, crisp breads, croutons and last but not least breadcrumbs.


For crisp breads slice thinly place on baking tray, dry out in a very low oven until crisp

Croutons cut into chunks cover with some olive oil and roast in the oven for 10 minutes at 180oC

Bread crumbs simply blitz and use straight away or freeze

for another day.


A slection of our favourite Sandwich & Bagel Fillings using our sourdough loafs and bagels

Jarlsberg New Yorkker rocket tomatoes mustard (whole grain) mayo fermented cabbage (sauerkraut)

Egg and Watercress with a few wild garlic capers


Roasted Vegetables with homemade hummus & rocket

Smoked Salmon & Schmear meaning to “smear” or “Spread” on top of a bagel or bread.
Smoked Salmon, cream cheese mixed with soft mixed herbs, chives, dill, parsley, capers and homemade pickles

Matt Mager Beatsnbeigels epic Beigels are superb check him out #beatsnbeigels also at Off The Beaten Truck.

Cheese & Pickles Grated Cheddar cheeses mixed with mustard mayonnaise Red Leicester cheese, gherkins, spinach and red picked cabbage



Loading of Loaves into the Rofco B40 and pepping through the window to see how they grow

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