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Small Batch Bespoke Roasted Coffee

Working in collaboration with Wood St Coffee Roasters in Saffron Walden,we have created a bespoke roasted coffee for Kbroffee.  

We were asked what flavour notes we like, origin, and process, so we could then  hold a cup tasting session whereby we evaluate different characteristics of a particular coffee bean and its brewing.

Cupping allows us to compare and contrast coffees against each other.

The green coffee beans will be roasted to our preference, which is a medium roast.

The roasts will suit all brewing methods. We hope you enjoy our chosen coffee

We have Chosen Donas da Cafe from Brazil, COMING SOON

The coffee notes are milk chocolate,hazelnut and citus tones running through.









This coffee comes from 3 women farmers in Brazil through the exporter SMC’s Women of Coffee initiative. Split across Sitio Baixão da Serra, Sitio Bananal Mirim, and Sitio Corrego do Adão, all are located in Sul de Minas.

They say “Women’s performance in coffee has grown exponentially over the last few years, and the demand for coffee produced by them has increased at the same rate. Showing that they can lead their businesses and gain space in the specialty coffee market, “Donas do Café” comes to bring visibility to the work and SMC’s partners. The importance of this project is illustrated
through its brand, bringing the personification of the female producers; determined and always keeping an eye on the future.”

We have Chosen Bossa Nova from Brazil,

The coffee notes are milk chocolate,hazelnut and citus tones running through.




If you would like to order roasted coffee, I'm offering a refile system whereby you can either buy a bag of coffee and re use for every fill up, or use your own tin/bag, choose your prefered grind and we will deliver this along with your bread.

See bread & coffee order form.

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