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Please email or fill out the bread & roasted coffee order form below

Stating which breads, choose your prefered grind, delivery or collection, day and which village you are in.

My Sourdoughs take three days to make so orders for Wednesday will need to be in by Monday 6PM cut off and Thursday 6PM cut off for Saturday.

Please see below which area is covered on which day *

Collection from West Wickham - Please state this on your order form

Just a Selection of

Sourdough Breads.

Do not order any of

these breads.Please

See offerings.


Bread & Roasted Coffee Order Form

Payment details will be emailed once your order has been is received.

Thanks for submitting!

Jalapeno & Cheese


Focaccia tomato




Cinnamon Buns

Sourdough offerings for Wednesday 17th April 2024 & Saturday 20th April 2024.

Cut off for Wednesday deliveries is Monday 15th April 2024 at 6PM

Cut off for Saturday deliveries is Thursday 18th April 2024 at 6PM

  • Whites £3.30 (100% Wildfarm T65 Organic Stoneground White Flour(V)(VG)

  • Country Blend £3.80 (100% Priors Flour)(V)(VG)

  • 80/20 Tins £4.20 Lrg/SM £2.20 (80% Wildfarm T65 Stoneground Organic White Flour 20% Organic Stoneground Wholemeal Priors Flour(V)(VG)

  • Deli Rye £4.00 (75% Wildfarm T65 Stoneground Organic White Flour 25% Milled Rye Grain in my Mpockmill (V) (VG)


  • Fougasse £3.00 (95% Shipton Mill Organic Flour 5% Organic Stoneground Wholemeal Priors Flour (V)(VG)

  • Cinnamon Buns £2.30 (100% Shipton Organic White Flour)(V)

(V) Suitable for Vegetarians (VG) Suitable for Vegan, Flour listing see Ingredients

Tin Size SM = Small Tin (500g Lrg = Large Tin (1000g)

If you would like more information of the ingredients of loaves please get in touch


I always offer a white and a brown sourdough, other loaves are on rotation so I have something different for you to try each week.



Sesame & Tahini Boules


Baguettes, how do you eat yours!

Rip, dunk it, jsut bite into it!,

lots of butter

Donas Do Cafe Brail Roasted Coffee (Coming Soon)

Bossa Nova Brazil Roasted Coffee

If you would like to order roasted coffee, I'm offering a refile system whereby you can either buy a bag of coffee and re use for every fill up, or use your own tin/bag, choose your prefered grind and we will deliver this along with your bread.

Roasted Coffee: 250g £7.50

Select Grind:



Recyclable Packaging

Bossa Nova Brazil


Wednesday Delivery Area Covered *

West Wratting|Weston Colville|Carlton Green|Withersfield|Great Wratting Great & Little Thurlow|Great & Little Bradly|Carlton|Weston Green|Brinkley|

Westley Waterless|Burrough Green|Dullingham|Stetchworth|Sixmile Bottom




Donas Do Cafe

Saturday Delivery Area Covered *

West Wickham|StreetlyEnd|Horseheath|Balsham|Linton|Fulbourn|Wilbraham


Collection from West Wickham - Please state this on your order form

Wednesday or Saturday

Forage Wild Garlic


Pain de Campagne

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