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This is me Karen and my Land Rover Defender 90

and now the sourdough bread and coffee journey begins.



Sourdough Starter

"Betty Boop"

About Kbroffee

I am a self-taught baker with the love of good bread and fresh coffee Kbroffee was created.

Real sourdough bread takes time and I can vouch for that, it has taken me a long time to achieve and to get where I am today, failed attempts time after time, but eventually it all fell into place. 

Taking three main ingredients to make my bread, FLOUR, WATER & SALT.

Each loaf takes three days to make, using my own starter which is called "Betty Boop". It is all made and baked in my miniature micro bakery in West Wickham, Cambridge.

So my journey so far was for the past two years I was selling sourdough breads via a local coffee shop, along side my day job then COVID-19 hit everyone like a bullet and everything changed for me and for a lot of people, so I've moved into a new direction of delivering sourdough breads and I'm very honoured to have a wonderful customer base who have supported me through this.


I am a very proud owner of a Land Rover Defender 90 complete with a pullout draw for delivering my sourdough breads and an awning for Markets and pop ups.

With the help from my husband and father-in-law we have fitted out the store at the back of our barn into a miniature bakery and I have moved in and the bakery is going well.

For the coffee roasting this is an ongoing journey. We have been roasting our own coffee beans for years and this is something we would like to sell along side our sourdoughs, we have been looking at different ways to achive this.

We are working in colabration with Wood St Coffee Roasters in Saffron Walden, we have created a bespoke roasted coffee for Kbroffee. This will be available Mid May 2023.

Kbroffee sourdoughs breads and roasted coffee can be ordered for delivery or collection on Wednesday and Saturday, go to the order form page.


I'm at the following Farmers Markets

Wilbraham Farmers Market(2nd Saturday of the month)

Great Shelford Farmers Market(4th Saturday of the month)


 Rofco B40




If you have any questions please contact me

Mobile: 07894 498364

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